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bible study tools

Δ A Student’s Guide to New Testament Textual Variants

Δ Blue Letter Bible

Δ Lumina NET Bible (HTML version of NET) — includes excellent translator’s notes (tn), study notes (sn), and textual criticism notes (tc) (more info on these notes, here)

Δ STEP Bible (Scripture Tools for Every Person)

Δ Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge (thousands of cross references)

Bible Translations

Δ Many available on Bible Study Tools, Bible Gateway, Study Light

Δ New English Bible (NEB) New Testament

Δ Septuagint (LXX):

chrisitian living


Δ Charity Commission (UK)

Δ Charity Navigator (a US site)

Tips For Giving In Times Of Crisis

Top 10 Best Practices of Savvy Donors

Δ Don’t rush to Nepal to help. Read this first (The Guardian)

Δ Gates Notes (blog)

Δ Giving Well

6 Tips on Disaster Relief Giving

Δ Giving What We Can

Myths About Aid

Δ Safe Giving (Let’s Talk About It) (whilst particularly in relation to the Syrian crisis, the advice is generally useful [also see the FRSB’s Giving Safely and the UK government’s Safer giving advice for Syria])

Δ The Life You Can Save

Why I Still Give to Oxfam (a helpful balance to over-“effective” giving)

Δ Three Myths About the World’s Poor (Reader’s Digest) (for more detailed information, see the Gates Foundation’s 2014 annual letter)

Δ Top charity giving sites (MoneySavingExpert)

Δ Zidisha (an ‘online microlending community that directly connects lenders and entrepreneurs’)

Relationships and sexuality

Δ Living Out

Δ Spiritual Friendship (blog)

Δ The Happy Alternative


Δ Eve Tushnet (blog)

Δ Richard Benson, miscellany (blog [inactive])

Δ Richard Benson, New in Christ (blog [inactive])

Δ The Work of the People >> Visual Liturgy
Including videos of:



Δ Best Commentaries

Δ Keith Mathison, Top Commentaries on Every Book of the Bible

Δ Phil Long, Advice on Biblical Commentaries (inc. recommended commentaries for each book of the Bible)

Δ Tim Challies, Best Commentaries on Each Book of the Bible


Δ Bible Hub — commentary collection (over 50; may duplicate StudyLight, below)

Δ (Older) ICC commentaries

Δ IVP New Testament Commentary Series

Δ John Calvin’s commentaries

Δ Holman New Testament Commentaries on the Gospels

Δ StudyLight — commentary collection (over 100; may duplicate Bible Hub, above)

Δ William Barclay’s Daily Study Bible commentary series

2 Corinthians

Δ Linda L. Belleville’s 2 Corinthians commentary (from the IVP New Testament Commentary Series)

Δ George Lyons’s 2 Corinthians commentary (from the Asbury Bible Commentary)

bible study resources

Δ Academia

Δ Bible Odyssey

Δ Bible Snippets (blog)

Δ Bible Study with Randy (blog)

Δ Biblical Archaeology Society

Δ Biblical Cogitations (blog)

Δ Biblical eSources

Δ Biblical Studies Online (blog)

Δ (over 24,000 articles available for free download)

Δ Bibliotheca Religiosa IntraText

Δ Christian Classics Ethereal Library (CCEL)

Δ Christian Origins (blog)

Δ Crux Sola (blog)

Δ Cryptotheology (blog)

Δ Directory of Open Access Journals > Christianity

Δ Directory of Open Access Books > Religion

Δ EThOS (search over 400,000 doctoral theses)

Δ Evangelical Textual Criticism (blog)

Δ Exodus: Gods and Kings

Δ Google Theological Journals Search

Δ iTanakh (migrating to a new site)


Δ Larry Hurtado’s Blog

Δ Mass Readings Archives (blog; videos/podcasts)

Δ NT Gateway

Δ Online Books

Δ Online Journals (list)

Δ Online Reading Rooms: Biblical-Theological Resources (web directory)

Δ Peter J. Leithart’s blog

Δ Phil Long, Reading Acts (blog)

Δ Philip A. Harland, New Testament Course Series (blog posts)

Δ Preston Sprinkle

Δ Preston Sprinkle, Theology in the Raw (blog)

Δ Princeton Theological Commons (over 80,000 resources on theology and religion)

Δ Psephizo (blog)

Δ Religion Online

Δ Review of Biblical Literature (reviews of books in biblical studies and related fields)

Δ The Bible Project (videos)

Δ The Case for the Parakeet Driven Shack (blog)

Δ The Jesus Blog

Δ Theology of Work

Δ Theophilus (blog)

Δ The Online Books Page (listing of over 1 million free books on the web; browse books by subject heading to find religion and theology links)

Δ The Paul Page

Δ Wabash Center > Religion on the Web (annotated web directory)

Δ Web Directory of Biblical Studies

Δ Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary online essay file

Δ Words on the Word (blog)

ancient texts

Δ Apocrypha

Δ Creeds and Confessions

Δ Early Christian Writings

Δ Early Jewish Writings

Δ e-Catena (compiled allusions to the NT in the Ante-Nicene Fathers)

Δ Internet History Sourcebooks Project

Δ Online Critical Pseudepigrapha

Δ Pseudepigrapha, Apocrypha and Sacred Writings

Δ Writings of the Early Church Fathers

dictionaries and encyclopedias

Δ 4 Enoch (encyclopedia of Second Temple Judaism, and Christian and Islamic origins)

Δ 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia

Δ Baker’s Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology

Δ Catholic Encyclopedia

Δ Encyclopædia Britannica

Δ Encyclopedia of Religion and Society

Δ HarperCollins Bible Dictionary

Δ Holman Bible Dictionary

Δ International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

Δ Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Δ New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge

Δ Overview Of World Religions

Δ Oxford Research Encyclopedias: Religion

Δ Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Δ Quick Reference Dictionary

Biblical studies Christian living Journalism Science Books Other interesting tweeters
Δ Abram K-J

Δ Bible Snippets

Δ Biblical Studies

Δ Bill Arnold

Δ Catalyst

Δ Christian Origins

Δ Ian Paul

Δ Joel B. Green

Δ J Richard Middleton

Δ Matthew Malcolm

Δ Nijay K Gupta

Δ Peter Kirby

Δ Peter Leithart

Δ Phil Long

Δ Preston Sprinkle

Δ Randy McCracken

Δ SAGE Religion

Δ The Bible Project

Δ The Jesus Blog

Δ Tommy Wasserman


Δ Bill Gates

Δ Gates Foundation

Δ Give Well

Δ Giving What We Can

Δ International Rescue Committee UK

Δ Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Δ Kid President

Δ Melinda Gates

Δ The Life You Can Save


Δ Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS)


Δ Refugee Council


Δ Living Out

Δ Mark Yarhouse

Δ Spiritual Friendship

Δ Andy Crouch

Δ Positive News

Δ Relevant

Δ Ben Goldacre

Δ John Bryant

Δ New Scientist

Δ Christian Books Free Δ Alastair’s Links

Δ Ben Myers

Δ Eve Tushnet

Δ Melinda Selmys

Δ Sam Allberry

Δ Wesley Hill


Δ A Christian Thinktank

Δ Be Thinking

Δ Christian Cadre